Prosperity Education Route (PER) is…


… a Utah-based global education company that strives to make a positive impact on the world and individual families. PER’s goal is to empower and strengthen students and families with practical skills that enable generational success.

PER’s dedicated trainers and original content transform lives, by preparing students to successfully study abroad, to be trailblazers in their careers, and by helping them meet the needs of an ever-evolving global community. PER’s trainers have a commitment to values and people and are passionate about teaching the leaders of tomorrow.

PER delivers life-transforming and motivating principles that will give students and families a solid foundation and a competitive edge. PER is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals, encouraging them to unite with their generational families and achieve their dreams!

PER offers regular public and private educational opportunities to students, families, groups, and corporations in China, Thailand and the US. Currently, PER offers courses for families, students, and educators in the following topic areas:

The Prosperous Living Series: 12 Patterns for a Happy Life.
Proven skills for a happy and successful life.

Successful Families, Positive Relationships:
Parenting skills, and family patterns that can lead to lasting happy relationships and mature young adults.

Becoming Global Leaders:
Skills training and educational habits that parents and children need to thrive in a global environment.

Succeeding in International Schools:
Successful strategies and instructions for schooling, activities, applications, and university life that students need to both get accepted in and succeed at elite schools in the West.

Balancing Expectations and Reality:
Family and individual strategies for balancing the stress, expectations, and requirements of schools, parents, future employers, and spouses, with individual dreams, opportunities and limitations.

Generational Family Traditions:
Practical courses in manners, courtesy, and polite behaviors that are expected of international professional and cultural elites.

Speaking and Public Presentations:
Critical thinking, performance, and presentation skills for educational and professional negotiations/debates and public speaking.

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